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Infant Nasal Aspirator

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We all have those stressful times when our baby's nose is clogged as they suffer from the inevitable colds and flu, and what's more stressing is to see them unable to sleep well and we worry so much to see them not being able to breathe well.

As parents, we could not help but do nasty things for the sake of our baby that we suck the flu out from their nose using our mouth. Not only it is disgusting, but it also places you to danger of acquiring the virus directly.

With our Anti-back-flow Silicone Infant Nasal Aspirator, you are guaranteed to be the superheroine for your baby as it aids you in the easiest and safest way to clear the clogged nose your baby is suffering from anywhere and anytime!

This product is not intended to cure any disease, consult medical experts as needed.
  • Adjustable suction.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • Easy to clean and disinfect.
  • Made of silicone materials.
  • Safe to use for babies and does not irritate the skin.

How to use:

Clean both ends of the nasal aspirator before and after use.

Place the conical-shaped end of the nasal aspirator to one of your baby's nasal opening while you anchor the other end to your mouth with a soft bite. Suck the nasal fluids in moderate pressure until no fluids are left. Do it on the other side again.