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Hand-Eye Coordination Magnetic Educational Toys

Because your child’s vision system is the main system for learning, hand-eye coordination toys and activities can strengthen their visual perception skills for reading (tracking), writing words across the page, letter and number directionality, and processing information through their visual system (for example, what the teacher writes on the board, shapes, numbers, letters, etc.).

Hand-eye coordination toys can also help organize your child’s movements as well as their brain, which is important for problem-solving and critical thinking. It enhances their productivity in the classroom as they are required to multitask and retain information.

We at Chubibi dedicate time to help our co-parents in fulfilling their roles in their child's education, by providing you the best tools that are proven and tested to benefit your child's optimum development!


  • High-quality wooden toys.
  • No sharp edges.
  • Colorful and interactive toys.
  • Easy to pack away.
  • Keep small parts away from toddlers or monitor while playing.