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3D Baby Swimming Arm Float Lifesaver


One of the most enjoyable activities to do is swimming. Both kids and adults love the beach and swimming pools. Let your little ones enjoy swimming with the 3D Arm Float Lifesaver. It can ensure the safety of your kids while they are enjoying the water. 

3D Arm float Lifesaver

  • Size: 16.92 x 6.29 inches; Arm Floater: 7.08 inches.
  • Non-inflatable arm ring float mainly made from eco-friendly PVC.
  • Suitable for kids 3-6  years old and weighs 33.06-66.13 lbs.
  • The outer layer is made from breathable 3D fabric.
  • The arm floater and the back floater can be used separately or as a whole.
3D Arm float Lifesaver
3D Arm float Lifesaver