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October 7 - 11, 2021

Best Columbus Day Sale Promo 2021

Christopher Columbus sailed the Atlantic many times and made many discoveries. Would you be able to discover all 12 words in this puzzle? Answer now and receive a $20 Gift Voucher when you spend min. of $50
OR get atleast 3 correct answer to get random discount coupons today!

Columbus Day Sale 2021 Word Hunt Promo

HINT: Words are related to Columbus Day! Words are randomly written in vertical, horizontal, diagonal and reversed orientation.




Each word you choose as your answer is equivalent to a surprise gift that our system generates when submitted. But rest assured, you are guaranteed a reward for joining and inviting over your friends to celebrate Columbus Day with Chubibi!


  1. Find at least 3 or all 12 magic words in our Columbus Word Search Puzzle above and send in your answers by clicking the "SUBMIT ANSWERS NOW".
  2. Our system will automatically send you a surprise gift through your registered email.
  3. Redeem your surprise gift before the promo ends on October 11, 2021.


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