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Influencer Update

We have updated our influencer contract, Please see below the updated terms as of February 1, 2022:

Our Official Pages: 

  • Website:
  • Facebook: 
  • Instagram:
  • Facebook Group:

Other Pages: 

  • Tiktok:
  • Twitter:
  • Pinterest:
  • Youtube:

What you need to do as our Brand Influencer:

Summary of tasks for every product you get:

  • 1 x Create your own content about us (Image, Video & IG Stories of you using our product) and send it to for us to create our content as well and promote your page on our channels.
  • 1 x Product reviews on our website and social media pages
  • 1 x Product review on our Google or Yelp Business page.
  • 3 x Shoutouts (Photos, Videos &/ IG Stories) of Chubibi approved contents
  • 1 x Share our posts/pages, promos, and events to your followers

Each post will have mentions of our website and to include in the hashtag, including #chubibi #mychubibi, also hashtag relevant to our products. And a caption of mention to follow our Instagram account as well.

With images and videos you created/posted, we reserved the rights to use, place, and post on our website, social media accounts, for the purpose of advertisements, and where Chubibi sees fit as part of promoting the products and business.

Our influencer manager will keep you posted and update you on your progress on the required tasks to be completed for every product you receive from this program.

What you will Receive:

1. $100 Gift Voucher to buy your own product choice in our store that you will create content and post on your social media.

2. 15% Personal Shopping Discount.

3.  Up to 9% Sales commission through your influencer link. (Net sales in USD only. Exclude tax, shipping cost, and personal purchase).

  • $0-$3000 - 5% sales commission
  • $3001-$8000 - 7% sales commission
  • $8001 above - 9% sales commission

*You need to satisfy all required tasks before we can register you into the earning program for influencers.

**Sales commission is sent through a designated PayPal account every 4 months from your first sale or when you reach a total of $3000 whichever comes first.

4. Be a part of our giveaway promotions and events, this would help you increase your followers and engagement too!

5. Promotion of your page on our website and social media content posts.

6. 10% off when your followers shop in our store.

7. Regularly receive Free Products from Chubibi when your followers purchase more than USD$500 per month from our store. You are now our Brand Ambassador!

**We reserve the right to remove you from the program and forfeit your privileges in our store without prior notice should any breach of contract arise.

**We reserve the right to modify and update this contract without prior notice as we see fit to improve the program.