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Influencer Contract Review and Acceptance

Thank you for registering for our Ambassador Program.

We are delighted that you have come this far! But there's a few more steps you need to complete.

Below is our Influencer/Ambassador Contract Agreement that you must read thoroughly before you continue.


Influencer Contract Agreement

All influencers who wish to join our Ambassador Program agrees to the following;

PART 1. Follow our social media pages so you can easily tag us to your posts and get updated with our announcements and events for our influencers.

    PART 2. Join the Fun in our Ambassador Initiation Contest where everyone who joins is given 1 premium product of their choice to use for their contest entry and compete with other influencers to get in the top 3. 

    1. Create a post of you using the product we sent you and tag us in every post you make.
    • Each post will mention our website and include in the hashtag, #chubibi #mychubibi, hashtags relevant to our products and a caption of mention to follow our Instagram account as well.
    • Review the products we sent you on the product page and Chubibi google review. Our Influencer Account Manager will send you a review request e-mail once your gifted product is delivered to you.
    • E-mail to a copy of your images using the product we sent you.
    • Create and submit a free-style modeling video to (no need to edit, we will edit for you. We prefer .mp4 files.)
    2. Send us a photo or video entry of you using our products within one week upon receipt of your package. We will use these to post on our contest page where you get to win coupon bundle with value totaling to;


    1st Place: $200

    • 1 pc $100 Gift Card
    • 1 pc $50 Gift Card
    • 2 pcs $25 Gift Card

    2nd Place: $150

    • 1 pc $75 Gift Card
    • 1 pc $50 Gift Card
    • 1 pc $25 Gift Card

    3rd Place: $100

    • 1 pc $50 Gift Card
    • 1 pc $30 Gift Card
    • 1 pc $20 Gift Card

    Top 3 Influencers will also be given the privilege to partake in our Ambassador Cash Incentives Program where they can earn sales commissions of up to 9% for each sale generated through their Influencer links and will also have the privilege to receive free products regularly. (More info about this offer can only be accessed by qualified influencers.)


    • Only one entry will be accepted. This is the time to showcase your modeling skills, so send us your best creative shot. We will not edit your entries, we will post them as you submitted. NO TEXTS ON IMAGE/VIDEOS (Prefered size is 1100 x 1100 pixels).
    • Winners are determined through a voting system where each vote is verified through a valid e-mail address entered. This is to avoid spamming and fake votes from bots. 1 email registered is equal to 1 vote.
    • Validated voters/supporters of the top 3 winning influencers will also have the chance to get a FREE ITEM from our special promo collections. So invite your followers to vote for you!


    The images and videos you created and posted, we reserved the rights to use, place, and post on our website, social media accounts, for the purpose of advertisements, and where Chubibi sees fit as part of promoting the products and business.

    Our influencer manager will keep you posted and updated on your progress on the required tasks to be completed for every product you receive as part of  this program.


    What You Will Receive:

    1. One (1) Premium product of your choice that is 100% Free including shipping. We will provide you with exclusive access to these products for you to choose.
    1. 15% Personal Shopping Discount.
    2. 10% off when your followers shop in our store.
    3. Promotion of your page on our website and social media content posts.
    4. Pre-qualification to our Ambassador Cash Incentive Program.


    **We reserve the right to remove you from the program and forfeit your privileges in our store without prior notice should any breach of contract arise.

    **We reserve the right to modify and update this contract without prior notice as we see fit to improve the program.

    Do you accept the above  terms and wish to proceed with your registration to the program?

    Once you click proceed with the registration, you will be redirected to a google form for a qualifying interview where you will be asked to upload screenshots of your page insights, engagement and follower top locations by country in the past 30 days.

    Influencer Proceed to Registration.

    **If you have any question or clarification regarding the contract please get in touch with us on our Instagram page or e-mail us at