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About us

Why Chubibi? 


Chubibi is a spoonerism word from the combination of the words “cute” and “baby”.

Chubibi is founded to give importance on provision of the best quality products for parents and children, whilst at the same time givingshoppers happy-quality online shopping experiences. Products that we carry are carefully chosen with the main idea of giving the children all the best in their life.

What Do We Do? 


It is our advocacy to help mothers and fathers alike have stress-free shopping experiences when buying for their babies and toddlers. Because like you? We, The founders, are parents too.

We pride in having our team experts dedicating themselves to continuously carrying out thorough research and study about babies, children, as well as understanding what parenthood means. Which lead to us, having many innovative, and practical products, carefully selected with safety and comfort in mind. 

Our products are assured to be of value-worth and of top-line quality at its best price.

What is Our Goal?


We love kids and we care so much about them just as every parent does! And need we say we are experts in kid’s matters? You bet! We also have selected collections for mom and dad! And some cool parenting stuff you will surely enjoy.

We at Chubibi believe that when a baby is happy, and so are we!

We are Chubibi, we make you and your child happy!

 Our Mission


We dedicate our passion and expertise in influencing the world to create a better place for babies & kids, and provide them with innovative products to enjoy and experience, and to have the best in life while they are innocent & young. 

 Our Vision


Chubibi aims to continuously be the top provider and trend setter of unique, high-quality, safe, and affordable baby products. 

 What We Offer


Our store have a wide selection of products in various categories that focuses on the welfare of babies & kids that includes but not limited to baby and kid's clothing, toys, shoes, accessories, parenting tools, maternal and newborn products, and safety products both for home and in the community.

You would surely love our weekly new products update and regular promotions!

Come and Join Our Family so we can take care of you and your family !

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