Spiral Design Sports Shoes


"Wow! Cool Shoes!" is just one of the most common lines you would hear from kids who get to wear these cool spiraling-flame-inspired designed sports rubber shoes! A carefully engineered designed footwear that makes rubber shoe fanatics head turn more than twice and stare.

Get your kid on the screen and see how genuine is their eyes and willingness to have these pair of shoes when they see it.


  • 360-degree quality engineered cuts and angles for that perfect look and balance.
  • Waterproof outer finish.
  • The outsole/insole is made of high-quality rubber material.
  • Hook and loop closure type for easy wear and un-wear.
  • Its linings and inner pads are made of soft cotton fabric.
  • Upper material is made of PU.
Shoe Size Heel to Toe (in inches) Heel to Toe (cm)
28 6.92 17.6
29 7.2 18.3
30 7.4 18.8
31 7.67 19.5
32 7.95 20.2
33 8.26 21.0
34 8.66 22.0
35 8.85 22.5
36 9.05 23.0
37 9.25 23.5
38 9.44 24.0
  •  If your measurements are in-between sizes, please choose the bigger size.

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