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Woodpecker Worm Feeding Game Toys

to Imagine how learning can be overwhelming to kids, but with our Chubibi educational toy collections like this Woodpecker Worm Feeding Game Toy, learning can always be fun!
Woodpecker Worm Feeding Game Toy
Develop and enhance your baby's hand-eye coordination, logical, and many other skills with our interesting toys and enjoy the moment to bond with your child while you both make play-time a meaningful learning time!
Woodpeccker Worm Feeding Game Toy
  • The toy lets your kid feed the baby woodpecker by using the magnetic end of the mother woodpecker's beak to catch the worms and insert it on the baby woodpecker's mouth.
  • This activity helps your child boosts their logical skills and emotional intelligence.
  • It also enhances your kid's motor skills and color recognition with the colorful worms.
  • It's fun and entertaining for kids.
  • Easy to store and pack away.
  • Applicable to both baby boy and girl.

Woodpecker Worm Feeding Game Toy


  • Made of non-toxic and high-quality ABS plastic material.
  • Size: 18.5*8 cm or 7.28*3.15 inches.

Woodpecker Worm Feeding Game Toy