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Imagery Formation Wooden Puzzle Toys

Puzzle 1
Puzzle 2

Toddlers are proven to have a high grasp of learning through imagery puzzles like our Imagery Formation Wooden Puzzle which lets your child form the images shown exactly as it by combining the different pieces of wooden shapes. They can as well create new character looks with their imagination. Let them enjoy it while learning!


  • Multiple shapes and colors.
  • Multiple flashcard image references.
  • Great tool for facilitating cognitive games.
  • Helps your child with memory and logical thinking development.
  • Let's your child enjoy and have more fun playing and learning more about shapes, colors, and creative arts.


  • Made of high-quality wood and non-toxic pain material.
  • 30* of wood shapes.
  • 20* image flashcards.
  • 1* Pouch bag for storage.
  • NO BOX included.