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Animal Shape Baby Bath Toys

Yellow Duck
Seahorse shower
Pink Duck

Research has proved that playing with water can promote the intellectual development and physical development of babies. Toys can not only promote the growth and development of babies, but also a good toy for parent-child interaction. Parents and mothers can play with their babies and have close parent-child interaction while enjoying bath time!

Animal Shape Baby Bath Toys

They can also help improve their babies' physical coordination, musculoskeletal development, natural perception, behavioral recognition, and other abilities.

You can also try to let your baby tell interesting stories about what is happening to these budding animals, enhance situational awareness and language skills so that they can become children's playmates.

Animal Shape Baby Bath Toys


  • Educational and funny.
  • Lovely appearance and high playability bathroom toys: the baby really loves bathing.
  • Material: environmentally friendly ABS


  • Yellow duck: 3.9*6.5*11.0 inches
  • Seahorse: 10.43*7.28*3.74 inches
  • Elephant: 3.3*7.5*11.0 inches
  • Seal:11.22*7.48*3.74 inches