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The Science Behind Why Kids Love to Explore Things

October 04, 2021 4 min read

The Science Behind Why Kids Love to Explore Things

Just like Christopher Columbus who crossed the Atlantic ocean many times and brought about the many significant discoveries in the history of the world, we are naturally curious, and kids are more curious than adults. They are also naturally exploratory, which is one of the reasons why they love to explore things. Here are some of the science behind why kids love to explore things.

Children are born with an innate desire to explore and learn new things about their environment, called“neophilia." It's a result of genetics, according to researchers at the University of Minnesota. And it's triggered by an evolutionary imperative that can be traced back to our primitive ancestors who needed to gather food and find shelter in order for the species to survive.

Kids also have an elevated sense of touch because they're still developing motor skills that will serve them for life . This heightened sensitivity means that kids notice more tactile sensations than adults do because they engage in more sensory exploration through touching and playing with objects. Take for example this Embroidered Ship Anchor Design Captain Sailors Hat that gives them the excitement to look like a real explorer wearing it.

Embroidered Ship Anchor Design Captain Sailors Hat Chubibi Blog

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Why Do Kids Tend to Explore Much?

This is a question that has been asked by many parents. It is still not clear as to why kids tend to explore much. However, it has been observed that children tend to explore the environment more than adults. It could be because they aren't satisfied with the information they already have and need to continue learning and expanding their knowledge base.

Children are naturally curious about everything. They ask questions without stopping to think whether they're worth asking. Sometimes it's frustrating, but other times it's good because they are teaching themselves new things.

It's their job to remain vigilant for new discoveries, new challenges, and new adventures.

Kids are very curious because they don’t know who or what they will become.

Letting your kids experience cosplaying wearing career-inspired costumes like this Navy Girl Sailor Uniform Costume Set will greatly help them in developing a sense of identity and passion for something they can become successful with when they grow up.


Navy Girl Sailor Uniform Costume Set Chubibi Blog

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What Happens When Children Stop Exploring?

It is a well-known fact that children need to explore the world around them in order to learn and grow. However, studies have shown that children today are spending less time exploring and instead spend more time on devices such as iPads.

This has many experts get scared for the future of our society because they believe that this lack of exploration will hinder creativity and emotional development in children.

Instead of giving your child gadgets, why not give them costumes like this Navy Playsuit Fancy Dress and play with them as if they are the captain and you will be their ship crew. You will be amazed how their imagination develops their leadership and decision making skills.

Navy Playsuit Fancy Dress Chubibi Blog

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Your Kids Can Develop a Range of Skills Through Exploration, Including Improved Focus and Self-confidence.

Explore the world around you and your children will develop a range of skills.

Parents can encourage exploration by providing children with open-ended toys and materials that foster the development of their inner explorer.

By encouraging children to explore their environment they’ll develop skills in problem solving, concentration and self-confidence.

Exploration is a key ingredient for developing these essential life skills and it encourages creativity, curiosity and confidence.

Kids explore the world through their senses. When their curiosity is met with a safe and encouraging environment, they can learn to make sense of the world in a whole new way. That's why it's important to offer them opportunities to explore in new ways.

 Navy Captain Baby Jumpsuit Set Chubibi Blog

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The Impact of Exploration on Early Childhood Development

Children explore in order to gain knowledge and they can do so in a variety of ways. Exploration is important because it helps children develop their skills, such as problem-solving and creativity.

Young children explore the world by using their senses. They touch, taste, smell and listen to everything in order to learn about themselves and their surroundings. They also explore through play; for example, pretending that they are a captain of a ship that is to sail and explore the ocean of wonders.

Sailor Captain Jumpsuit Set Chubibi Blog

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The most important thing that parents can do is support the child’s exploration with encouragement and praise. If parents react negatively when a child does something wrong (such as touch the stove) what the child will learn is that exploration leads to punishment. This will make them less likely to want to explore new things in the future.

How do you encourage your child to explore? Are you the parent type who gets stressed out when your child touches a frog or the soil because of fear they might contact bacteria from dirts or you are the type who would let them satisfy their curiosity on many things? It would be nice to hear from your experience on how you support or handle your kids’ curiosity and hunger for exploration. Please leave your comments below! Have a great day!

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