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Why Does It Benefit Kids to Dress Up in Costumes?

August 07, 2021 4 min read

Why Does It Benefit Kids to Dress Up in Costumes?

There are many benefits for kids to dress up in costumes for Halloween and other cosplay events that are not necessarily present at other times during the year. These include:

  • Children's imaginations will run wild with what they can do with their new persona.
  • Kids will have more fun playing and being themselves, rather than feeling like they need to conform.
  • The children might learn a new culture or language by pretending to be someone else for the day, which may lead to an interest in these cultures or languages later on when they're older.

The Importance of Costumes to a Child's Development and Health

(Click above image to see costume details)

Dressing up is a fun activity for kids, and it provides so many benefits too! It encourages kids to be creative & have imaginative play while also giving them a chance to express themselves more. Dressing up can help improve social skills, language skills, self-esteem, and motor skills.

Dressing up can help children build up their self-esteem through the experience of success. This is because dressing up helps them gain a sense of accomplishment in mastering new skills and putting on different outfits for each occasion.

In the article, "The Importance of Costumes to a Child's Development," the author discusses how children use their costumes to express themselves. The author also argues that this is important in order for children to grow and develop as they explore their identities.

The article argues that costuming is important in a child's development because it helps them explore their identity and costumes can help teach or preach morals and values as well. It can be argued that costumes allow children to express themselves, which is an important part of child development.


Building Social Skills Through Drama Games & Pretend Play


(Click above image to see costume details)

Improv is usually thought of as acting or drama, but it also teaches you how to cooperate with your castmates. This is why most Drama Clubs focuses on teamwork, leadership and interpersonal skills

Drama games are a great way to develop social skills. Most drama games have a goal that requires cooperation between players for success. In these games, children learn how to listen, share ideas, take turns and solve problems together.

Mammalian brains are hardwired for social interaction; that’s why many dramatic games require cooperation or some form of team play in order for the players to succeed.


Types of Costumes Your Kids Will Love

There are five main types of kids costumes: superhero, princess, fairytale character, animal, and movie-themed.

(Click above image to see costume details)


Superhero costumes are the most popular type of kids costume. Even though Halloween is months away, people are already looking to their wardrobes to put together the most creative and fabulous costume. The top costume search on Google after "Batman" is "Superman." As a result, it's not surprising to find that superhero costumes are the most popular kids costume type, according to data from eBags.

(Click above image to see costume details) 


Princess costumes are popular with girls of all ages. It is not a coincidence that Disney’s most famous princesses all wear dresses with a similar look. The “ball gown” style dress has become timeless and popular with girls of all ages, allowing them to feel like the princess they see on TV or in books.

(Click above image to see costume details) 


Animal costumes are great for children who love animals or want to be something they can relate to like a koala bear or a bunny rabbit. Animal costumes don't just come in traditional pets but also wild animals such as lions,  tigers or dinosaurs.


(Click above image to see costume details)


Fairytale character costumes can be either original characters like Alice in Wonderland or well-known characters such as Snow White. Or you can go by the unusual characters like pirates of the sea, witch princess and the like.


How to Choose the Ideal Costume for Your Child

Children like to dress up as heroes, characters, and animals. There are many factors to consider when purchasing a costume for your child. In this section we will discuss the pros and cons of various types of costumes, as well as tips on how to find the right costume for your child.

(Click above image to see costume details) 


  • Costumes can be used more than once (unless they are made of delicate materials).
  • Costumes can be used in many different settings such as a play or a party.
  • Costumes allow children to explore roles and identities that may not be available in their everyday lives.



  • Parents need to buy different costumes for different occasions which can be expensive, whilst Chubibi have hand-picked some great affordable costume choices ready for you to purchase.
  • Some children may not enjoy wearing costumes or being the center of attention. You can find some simple costumes at Chubibi Kids and Family Costume Collections.


Safety Tips for Parents When Kids Dress Up in Costumes

(Click above image to see costume details) 

Parents are always worried about their kids' safety when they dress up in costumes. There are many things to take into consideration when your child is suiting up. This guide will provide some of the most important precautions you should take as a parent and also provide some tips on how to set up your Halloween party.

  • pick a costume that is comfortable and won't restrict movement.
  • avoid costumes with any sharp edges or parts.
  • pick a mask/makeup that doesn't block your child's vision.
  • pick a costume that is easy to take off so they don't get too hot.
  • pick a costume that you can find a matching set for-this will make your child feel like they are part of a group.
  • consider the time of year you are picking a costume. If it's Halloween, for example, you may want to go with something that has a little spooky or scary element.


Let us know what you think of this topic, leave your comments below! Alternately you can message us for the topics you want us to cover about kids, family and parenting.

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