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The Incredible Value Of Teaching Kids How To Plant – And Why It Matters

April 22, 2022 5 min read

The Incredible Value Of Teaching Kids How To Plant Chubibi Blog

In today's world, it is undeniable how much worse our environment is becoming day by day. And our history reveals how our forefathers failed to impart the incredible value of teaching kids how to plant and why it matters.

As our world population grows, more people get used to processed foods because it's cheaper compared to fresh harvests. Quality agricultural produce is already scarce, and only a few can manage to afford it on daily basis.

If you notice, even in your own family circle, most of our youth are interested in works related to the use of technologies, and few to none are interested in planting or gardening. And when a crisis comes, it becomes hard to have food on the table without having money to buy it.

Why do you think this happens? This is because our parents and even ourselves who are now parents too have never thought of teaching our kids how to plant and grow our own food.

But it's not too late to include gardening in your family activities and daily routines. Together, let us discuss with our kids the importance of learning how to plant and grow our own food in the comfort of our own homes.

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Why is it important for kids to learn how to plant and grow their own food? 

There are many reasons why it is important for kids to learn how to plant and grow their own food. Here are just a few:

1. gardening teaches kids about ecology and the importance of sustainable living.

It can help them learn about how plants grow, how to identify different types of plants, and how to care for them. By growing their own vegetables or flowers, kids learn about the food they are eating and the environmental impact of production. Gardening also helps foster a love of nature and respect for the environment.

2. gardening helps youngsters develop their problem-solving skills, as well as their ability to think creatively and critically.

There are plenty of reasons why gardening is a great way for kids to learn problem-solving skills. For one, gardening teaches kids how to identify problems and find solutions, like how to keep bugs and ants away from the plants.

It’s also a great way for them to learn how to work together as a team, and it also teaches them how to think critically and creatively. Additionally, gardening can be fun – which is sure to help kids stay engaged!

3. gardening teaches kids about the science of plants and how they function in the environment.

By planting seeds and watching them grow, kids learn about the basics of plant biology, including how plants use sunlight, water, and nutrients to survive. Gardening also teaches kids about the importance of keeping our environment healthy by creating sustainable practices in our gardens. By growing their own food, children learn that they have a direct impact on the planet – something that will stay with them for life.

4. in addition to learning about plants, children also learn about soils, seeds, watering systems, etc., which can help them develop an understanding of agriculture if they decide to pursue a career in this field later on down the road.

Gardening not only gives them a sense of accomplishment, but also teaches them about responsibility, conservation, and math. It’s also a great way to get kids outside and away from screens for a little while.

Not only is gardening fun, but it’s also an excellent way to reduce your Carbon Footprint. By growing your own food, you are helping to reduce the amount of food that’s shipped from far away.

And lastly, gardening can help teach kids about healthy eating habits – something that’s important for their future health and well-being.

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What are the different gardening activities your kids can enjoy at home?

There are many different gardening activities your kids can enjoy. For example, they can help you plant seeds, water plants, and harvest fruits and vegetables. They can also create gardens with flowers and herbs. And finally, they can use the garden to learn about the environment and how to care for plants.

Can kids help you with gardening chores?

Kids can help with some gardening chores, but it’s important to teach them the basics so they can learn as they go. For example, kids can help water plants and dig holes or prepare the pots with garden soil for planting. But it’s best if they don’t try to do too much at once – let them learn slowly and hands-on.

Is there a particular type of garden that kids are more likely to enjoy?

There isn’t a specific type of garden that kids are more likely to enjoy. As long as the garden is fun, interesting, and educational, your kids will love it! 

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What are the basic gardening tools you need to teach kids how to plant fruits and vegetables?

There are a few basic gardening tools you need to teach kids how to plant fruits and vegetables. For example, kids will need a garden spade, watering can, rake, and hoe. They can also use a map or chart to track their progress. You can also use recycled plastic containers as garden pots and help reduce ecological waste. Let your kids paint the recycled container pots to add more fun and creativity to what they are doing.

Here are some lists of what you can recycle as garden pots;

  1. Aluminum cans
  2. Plastic bottles
  3. Paper cartons
  4. Glass bottles and jars
  5. Old furniture
  6. Old tires
  7. Old clothes
  8. Broken bowls and cooking wares


What type of soil can I use for my kid's gardening activities that are safe for my children?

There isn't a specific type of soil that is safe for your child's gardening activities. However, it's important to use soil that is well-drained and has good drainage. Soils that are too heavy or wet will cause root problems for your plants. You can also use gloves to protect your child's hands from bacteria present in the soil. Just remember to wash your hands thoroughly after planting.

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Tips on successfully getting your kids interested and engaged in planting and growing their own food.

If you want your kids to get interested in planting and growing their own food, start by teaching them about the incredible value of food production. Not only does homegrown food taste better, but it’s also healthier and more sustainable. Plus, it can help teach your kids about where their food comes from and how it’s produced.

Once your kids are interested in planting and growing their own food, there are a number of tips you can follow to make the process as successful as possible. For example, make sure they have the right tools and supplies, provide plenty of support (including motivation), and make sure they have fun while they’re doing it!

We hope you enjoy this article and help you in your gardening journey with your kids in the comfort of your own home. Let's all save the earth, let's keep planting!

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