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The Benefits of Giving Your Kids the Freedom to Create Their Own Wardrobe

December 12, 2022 6 min read

The Benefits of Giving Your Kids the Freedom to Create Their Own Wardrobe Chubibi Blog

As a parent, you want what’s best for your children. You want to give them the freedom to explore their interests and discover who they are.

But what about their clothes? Shouldn’t you be dictating what they wear?

In this article, we’ll talk about why letting your kids create their own wardrobe might be the best thing for you both.

Why Giving Your Kids the Freedom to Choose Their Own Wardrobe Can Benefit You Both

One of the most important aspects of being a parent is to provide your kids with guidance and teach them how to make the right choices. And their daily fashion is no exemption.

Every child is different and has their own style. It's important for parents to understand this and allow their kids to explore their own style, without any judgement.

Yes, I hear you, and I know how it feels when you see your child wearing inappropriate clothings which makes your eyes roll or your nose flare while giving your child that what I call “The Rock Stare” (-Dwayne Johnson’s famous stare).

But giving your kids the freedom to choose their own wardrobe can benefit you both in many ways:

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Giving your child the freedom to choose what to wear encourages self-expression and boost-up their confidence.

Every child is different, and they all have their own preferences. If a child is given the opportunity to choose what to wear, they will feel more confident in themselves and will be able to express themselves in ways that might not be possible otherwise.

A sense of self develops early in life and it may not be long before your children want to wear clothes that express who they are. It's okay, it's normal for a child to want to put themselves in the spotlight! You don't have to say yes if you don't like what they're wearing- help them find something else.

The most important thing when shopping for clothes is enabling your children to choose outfits that reflect who they are.

Remember, their tastes are likely different from yours. Encourage them to do this, as it can help them to feel more confident in themselves.

Higher self-esteem will surely encourage them to accomplish their goals. Finding who you are and what you like is a very important process in early childhood. It's during this period when children are the most self-conscious.

It's worth noting that many children will naturally be drawn to clothing that other kids are wearing - following trends is normal at any age. Still, it's important to encourage children to develop an individual sense of style and feel amazing with the things they wear.

In my years of teaching kindergarten and gradeschool kids before I started blogging, I have pretty much encountered kids in my class who stays at the corner or under the table crying and not wanting to participate in events like UNESCO and Halloween day where the school have a mini run-way fashion for the kids wearing different costumes.

The reason why they don’t participate in the program is because they do not like what they are wearing, and that their parents or guardians just forced them to wear it. It’s understandable that at times, what our kids want to wear are not readily available in store by the time it’s needed. So why not buy ahead of time?

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Let your kids choose what to wear and you help them develop their decision making skills.

Allowing your kids to choose their own clothes might seem like a daunting task at first but in truth, it's surprisingly easy. By letting your children pick out their own outfits, you are empowering them to make decisions and develop their decision-making skills.

You can start your kids to choose what they wear as early as possible. Let them choose accessories first, and take this opportunity to guide them through their choices like fashion rules in matching colors.

You can also start with letting them choose between two clothing choices, and from there you can develop a sense of familiarity with what your kids prefer. Giving you the edge in understanding them better as they grow.

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You don’t waste money if you let your child pick the clothes you buy for them.

Children are the experts of their own taste, and they should have a say in the clothes you buy for them. Choice is empowering for children, so it’s worth letting them pick the clothes you buy for them.

I remember when I was twelve years old, I love wearing baggy pants and just plain loose fit t-shirts with a jacket on. I feel very much comfortable in it.

Then suddenly my mom came home for a 2 weeks vacation from work and threw all of my clothes and changed it to new casual dresses she bought for me.

She just declared a war on me by doing that, although I understand she just want me look prettier like the daughters of her friends. But I was back then, a conservative girl who loses confidence when wearing sleeveless and knee-length dresses. Showing off a little skin makes me feel naked.

The ending, you guess it. After 2 weeks of just staying at home while my mom is around, and no clothes but a school uniform to go out, I bought new sets of clothes to my preference using my own savings from my allowances. And the dresses from my mom just stayed inside my closet for years until my mom gave them away to my cousins. Though now I’m thinking maybe it’s her way to keep me at home during her vacation?

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Letting your children pick the clothes they wear teaches your children independence and saves you from the morning rush scenario.

I am pretty sure you already have experienced this scenario where you are about to explode because all you hear at home is “Mom what will I use to party?” or “Mom the clothes you bought don’t fit me well?” when in fact they just don’t like to wear it. And add your husband on the other side as well letting you decide which shirt matches his necktie and so forth and so on that you only have a minute left to dress-up and fix yourself because you are already late for the event.

There are a lot of benefits to letting your children pick the clothes they want to wear. This encourages independence and saves you a lot of time in the morning when you're running around trying to get everyone ready for an event. Children will be more inclined to want wearing their clothes if they picked them out themselves, plus you get the benefit of dressing up yourself well for the day too. So it's win-win!

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Letting your kids buy their own wardrobe teaches them to become more responsible in taking care of themselves.

When you let your children buy their own clothing for the first time, it teaches them about responsibility. This builds character and a sense of pride in themselves. They also learn to more accurately budget their money, which is a backbone to success in life.

Make this an opportunity to teach your child with balancing freedom of choice and what’s in-line for them by making that choice. Next time you're in a store and your child is looking for the perfect outfit, let him/her spend the money he/she saved or make a deal with him/her to save up for it.

We all want our kids to grow up to be confident, stylish and happy. In the process of helping them develop good fashion taste, we need to do our best to make sure that they are on the right track of making good fashion choices.

There are many ways for parents to help their children develop good fashion taste. One way is by exposing them to different styles and dressing them in clothes that are appropriate for their age group. Another way is by teaching them about the different designers, brands, trends and colours. And most importantly, acknowledging them with their every single good fashion choices made, while explaining to them the consequences of their “bad” fashion choices.

Let us know you’re here! We love to hear from you! What’s your point-of-view about this topic of letting your kids choose their wardrobe at an early age? Share your opinions and personal tips in the comments section below.

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