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Your Kids Can Make Money with Their Hobbies and Skills

February 26, 2022 6 min read

Your Kids Can Make Money with Their Hobbies and Skills Chubibi Blogs

Teaching Kids How To Make Money With Their Hobbies And Skills

Kids today are very adaptable to the fast-paced technological industry. We must admit that they are even more tech-savvy than we adults can be. With the great influence of the internet, we cannot help but try hard to control and minimize their gadget usage in fear of the negative impacts this may give them. But did you know that you can actually help them secure their future while supporting what they love doing by teaching your kids how to make money with their hobbies and skills?

What are some of your kids hobbies and skills that can be monetized?

The creative and analytical skills needed to monetize hobbies are the same skills that are required for success in today's workplace.

We parents always look for ways to help our kids grow and develop. We want them to have a hobby or skill that they can monetize in the future. However, it is not easy to find something that is both fun and profitable. So let’s focus on what hobbies and skills that our kids already have.

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Some of the kids' hobbies and skills that can be monetized are:

  • Video Games

  • Drawing

  • Reading

  • Music

  • Photography

  • Playing

  • Writing

  • DIY art crafts

  • Cooking/Baking

  • Modeling

Ideas how to monetized your kids’ hobbies and skills

Does your kid have any of the hobbies and skills listed above? If yes, then let’s explore the different ways on how we can monetize them and start saving for our kids future. Needless to say, this can also become one way to support our families’ financial crisis especially today.

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Monetizing video games your kids love to play.

Some of the most popular games out there today are free-to-play games, which means that players can download the game and start playing it without paying anything upfront.

Another popular way of monetizing gaming is through in-stream-gaming, where you can help your child set up their own YouTube or Facebook gaming channels and they need to go live whenever they play so people can watch and be entertained.

You must satisfy the requirements for number of followers and total minutes on videos watched by followers to start placing ads on your videos and earn. Viewers can also send you stars that can be converted to cash.

Monetizing your kids drawings, paintings, digital artworks and the like.

The internet has developed so many ways for artists to monetize their skills in drawing. And your child's passion for arts can be one lucrative way to earn money online.

The rise of NFT art is one of many ways that artists of all sorts have been given great opportunities to showcase their artworks and earn. Just like 12-year-old Benyamin Ahmed, who has earned over $350,000 with his weird whale NFT art sold on opensea.

Others have also put up print-on-demand businesses where their artworks are printed on different printable merchandise that they can sell in a physical store or over the internet, products like t-shirts, hoodies, shoes, bags, towels, blankets, and more.

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Your kids can earn through reading.

It's a fact that kids are more likely to read books if they're rewarded for it. And you may laugh about this, but yes! There are companies who pays you to read their books!

You can imagine how this can benefit your kids who love to read. When we read books, we learn something and what a better way to learn and be rewarded for reading a new book! You can earn money back each time you finish reading a book and make a review.

Checkout these 17 sites that will help you get paid to read.

Let your kids earn with their love for music!

Is your kid into singing, playing musical instruments or creating beat box? Let them be! and support them by giving them exposure to the right avenue for little musicians to earn!

Like gaming, you can set-up a music channel for them like on Podcasts, iTunes, YouTube and the like. Have them record their music creations from covering popular songs to composing their own pieces! You will never know how many souls they can move through their music.

Your kids can earn with their photography images.

So your kids love taking good pictures? No problem! Let them enjoy capturing nature landscapes, people portraits, or anything they love to take pictures of. You can upload these images to websites that let you earn money when someone downloads or uses your images for their projects.

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Here are some places online where you can sell your kids’ photography images.

  • Alamy

  • 500px

  • SmugMug Pro

  • Shutterstock

  • iStock Photo

  • Etsy

  • Getty Images

  • Stocksy

  • Can Stock Photo

  • Adobe Stock

  • Twenty20

  • Depositphotos

  • Dreamstime

  • EyeEm

  • 123RF

  • Foap

  • Zenfolio

  • Pixieset

Earn while your kids play new toys!

The new trend of parents who are making money while their kids play with new toys is possible by being a toy tester. Parents and their kids can get paid to test toys and provide feedback.

Some toy companies also offer a monthly subscription service where they send out new toys every month to the testers.

You must set up your social media pages like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube where you can post a video of your kids playing with the products you received from the company you work with. In turn, they can either give you more products or give you cash incentives for every sale generated by your channels.

Let your kids write and earn!

If your kids love to write blogs, short stories, essays, poetry, song lyrics, and the like, then here's some good news: they have a bunch of options to monetize their writing skills and really earn high!

With the advancement of technology, many traditional companies are building up their online presence as well as partnering with online-based businesses to hire writers for blogs, product descriptions, lyrics, poetry, and more.

Some channels also have people looking for someone who can write their school assignments, especially those that involve essay writing and research papers.

Making money while your kids make their favorite DIY art crafts

DIY art and crafts is undeniably one of the top trending content that people all over the world watch as they find ways to improve their rooms, projects, gardens, and more.

These DIY art crafts not only help people in their personal projects, but some have also built businesses out of these ideas that you and your kids are about to share in your own channels.

With DIY crafts, you and your kids can bond and have fun. Why not get creative with your next craft night? Enjoy the moment and enjoy more as your audience gets to thank you for sharing your creativity that could help them make life even better. People who do this can earn through advertisements placed on their uploaded videos, or your followers may also send you voluntary cash supports that you may not notice are growing in time.

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Let your kids cook or bake recipes that they can earn from.

Food is one industry that will never go away, everyone of us loves to eat at some point and so this industry is a very good avenue for people who love cooking to monetize what they love doing.

One way to earn money with your cooking/baking hobby your kids love is to share your recipe on a YouTube channel where you teach your viewers on the process.

You can also earn through blogging your food recipes online.

Another way to earn is to actually pack your cooked recipes and sell them to your community.

Make your kid earn through modeling as brand influencers

One way that kids can earn is by modelling for brands. Depending on the company they work with, they can monetize every post on their social media pages that shows them wearing the products.

They can either get monthly cash incentives, free gifts or a pay for every post created.

Join our influencer program and learn how you can earn from us.

The common thing among all these hobbies and skills that you can monetize is having the right platform to build your audience and your own community who will patronize what you offer. It just takes a bit of creativity to catch your audience attention!

It’ll take some time to set up your kids social media accounts. And finding a highly targeted community of kids similar to them will give you a jumpstart on branding and let you grow much faster because they have potential followers already!

The internet, while it has negative impacts on our kids, can also be a great way to develop their career while they enjoy what they love doing.

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