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Preparing For Your Little Princess’ Birthday Party

April 29, 2022 7 min read

Preparing For Your Little Princess’ Birthday Party Chubibi Blogs

Thinking about preparing for your little princess’ birthday party? I bet, it’s a load of fun and stress before and after the party, specially when you rush things and forget some details during the day. So, here’s a handful tips and ideas we created for you to use as your guide in giving your little girl the best birthday party she will cherish forever.

There are 6 commonly celebrated birthday party events for your little girls;

Baptismal Party 

You can check our “Baptism in Style” article for more info.

    1st Birthday Party

    Although not all can afford to celebrate this after loads of expenses on child birth, with mom having a full rest and no income, unless with a maternal paid leave, celebrating for your princess’ first birthday party is a bit hard to consider.

    However, as parents, we cannot do away with the urge to make the first of everything a memorable one. And we know ourselves that wether we’re on tight budget or not, we still end up preparing with what we can afford to capture that moment with photographs.

    And, speaking of photographs, here are some ideas to capture your little princess’ first year of existence. Like 1 month old, 2 months old, and so on, until they reach their first birthday.

    Newborn Photography Crochet Costume Chubibi Blog


    Rainbow Fairy Tutu Dress and Headband Set Chubibi Blog

    Toddler Princess’ Birthday Party at Age 3

    This is the start that most baby girl steps into the school zones to learn their alphabets, colors, and shapes. It is also the first time they’d be able to form friends with schoolmates and have more school fun play and activities.

    Most moms and dads, celebrate toddler princess birthday in school with their child’s classmates and teachers, especially if it falls on the days that they have classes. Often, they book for a clown show, and a catered set of menus for children to share inside their classroom during recess time or after their class.

    But if you wish to set-up a fun 3rd birthday party for your little girl, here are some of the most recommended toddler princess dress ideas that you can make as an inspiration.

    Beaded Neckline and Big Bow Baptismal Princess Ball Gown


    Dark Blue Princess Ball Gown Chubibi Blogs


    7th Birthday Party for Your Princess

    This is the first version of a debut party for your little girl. Here, parents often prepare quite a lot as this will be the birthday celebration that most girls will remember for a lifetime of how special she is to her family and friends. Not only does this event boost up the confidence of your child, but it also gives you as a parent the sense of fulfillment.

    Here is a checklists of what’s included in a grand 7th birthday celebration for your princess;

    • Princess gown and accessories (Tiara, jewelries, gloves)
    • Princess sandals
    • Hair and make-up services
    • Princess birthday invitation cards and rsvp
    • Princess cake and 7 candles to blow, oops, don’t forget the lighter or match. And also the fork, knife and plate for the cake ceremony.
    • Princess birthday menu - you can have the option to have this catered instead.
    • Princess sweet corner and drinks corner
    • Princess birthday tokens
    • Princess birthday venue and themed decor
    • Princess birthday themed stage or backdrops
    • Photo and video coverage
    • AVP and sounds system
    • Program host/s
    • List of program participants for the following;
      • 1 escort usually a brother or a cousin or even a friend will do. But the best choice is her mom and dad.
      • 7 pair of cotillions who are her friends or classmates to perform a dance number before the entrance of the celebrant who will then join them before the ceremony begins. Don’t forget to think of what music to use for cotillion dance number.
      • 7 roses is preferably her most trusted men, 6 can be her friends, cousins, brothers, godfathers, or uncles and the 7th is her dad or grandfather. Don’t forget to create a mix of 7 music for the dance especiall which music to play when it’s time for dance with the father. Ideal time is 1-2 minutes of the song. Also provide the 6 roses and a bouquet for the father to give her daughter as he takes her turn for the dance. It doesn’t have to be a rose it can be her favorite flower or anything you can avail from your nearest flower shop.
      • 7 candles will be her light and preferably the 6 coming from the list of her bffs, aunts, godmothers, and the 7th is mom, who will all light a candle and give words of enlightenment and birthday wish for her. Don’t forget to prepare 7 candles for this. Add some fancy design like ribbons on the candles if you wish.
      • 7 symbolic gifts of which 6 comes from anyone who is willing to participate, and the 7th will come from mom and dad. Most often, the 7th gift parents give is a bank account to start teaching their daughter to save for her future.
      • 7 songs/dance performances coming from anyone who wishes to cater entertainment for the celebrant and the crowd. This is optional, as most parents just book a musician to sing for them during the buffet or eating time. But it can be more fun and special that people she knows perform for her and the crowd.
      • Audio-Video Presentation can be her growing up milestone from birth to present. You can compile your captured videos and images of her greatest memories growing up as parents makes a speech about their princess just before the cake ceremony.
    • Pre-birthday themed photoshoot can be an option aside from the photo and video coverage on the day of the celebration itself.
      • Sets of wardrobe to use
      • Hair and make up services
      • Photographer
      • Photoshoot locations
      • Props and accessories
    • Prizes for parlor games and some kids’ fun activities.

    13th Princess Birthday Party

    The number says what’s this is all about. This is when you welcome your daughter into the teen’s world where lots of exploration and discoveries will happen. Most parent’s celebrate this with a family tour instead of repeating the same kind of celebration from a 7th birthday debut party concept.

    18th Princess Birthday Party

    Yes, it’s a bit too old for a princess themed birthday already, but definitely your daughter must have this last symbolic princess birthday celebration as she steps into the adulthood stage or legal age for her to live independently as a grown woman.

    In this stage, the concept is the same with the 7th birthday debut party. Only that the number of participants will be 18 for each; 18 roses, 18 candles, 18 cotillions can be 9 pairs only, 18 symbolic gifts, etc.

    However, most girls at this age wanted to just take the money you plan to spend for this birthday to have a down payment for a car or a condo unit. At most, use it to travel some place they dreamed of visiting overseas. And only some would think to use it to start their own business.

    Whatever the reason, this can be a moment you as parent wouldn’t miss to help validate your daughter and convey the message of her being responsible in leading her life moving forward to success.

    With the above lists of birthday celebrations, one of the challenging part is to start thinking of the birthday theme to go with.

    Here are our top 5 princess birthday theme ideas for your little girl

    The common princess themed birthday idea that will come to mind is your girl’s favorite Disney Princesses, you can choose to have this, but today, we will discuss something out of the usual.

    Floral Garden Princess Birthday Theme Ideas

    Imagine your daughter as the goddess of a mystical garden filled with colorful flowers. What a lovely and relaxing view isn’t it? This set-up can be done best in an outdoor garden setting. And below are ideas for the birthday party dress.

    Floral Vintage Style Luxury Gown Chubibi Blogs

    Off Shoulder Floral Design Elegant Formal Party Dress Chubibi Blogs


    Fantasy Anime Princess Birthday Theme Ideas

    Inspired by manga princess looks. You can choose to have your daughter be a fairy and fill her party with the best magic shows.

    Girl Hanfu Fairy Style Dress with Floral Print Chubibi Blogs

    Girl Chinese Hanfu Fairy Style Dress Chubibi Blogs


    Cultural or Traditional  Princess Birthday Theme Ideas

    Inspired by the fashion of royalty cultures from different countries around the world. You can pick which one your daughter prefers the most.

    Girl Traditional Floral Hanfu Dress Chubibi Blogs

    Girls Belly Dancing Costume Set Chubibi Blogs


    Trendy Fashion Princess Birthday Theme Ideas

    You can set up a catwalk platform stage to have all guests ramp on like a model as they do their entry to the venue and as part of your daughter’s party program. And how about giving some extra perks of prices for the best dressed guest? Below are some of our best selling trendy fashion dresses your daughter and her friends would love to wear;

    Puff Sleeves Backless Party Dress Chubibi Blogs

    Unicorn Princess Birthday Theme Ideas

    Who is not mesmerized with unicorns? Little girls surely adore these mystical creatures with a colorful rainbow and candy themed party, just like how life is colorful in many ways. Prepare the sweet treats, balloons, and above all your little girls' party outfit!

     Unicorn Rainbow Party Dress With Wings Chubibi Blogs


    Whatever that is you plan to do on your daughter’s princess themed birthday, always keep in mind that advance preparation can save you from the hustle and unexpected circumstances. Use these checklists and guide to help you plan what you need and where to get them. It will also help you plan your budget.

    As parents, especially moms, we cannot avoid but to give our princess the best birthday party that we can afford. And knowing how and what to prepare saves us a lot of time, effort and money.

    With this guide, we can figure out which ones are doable on our end, and which ones are to be booked from our suppliers.

    We hope you liked this guide we created for you. Please comment down your suggestions and ideas about this topic. And we would appreciate you sharing your experiences in preparing for your little girl’s princess themed birthday party in the comments section below.

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