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How To Keep An Active Baby Smelling Fresh All Day!

August 17, 2020 4 min read

How To Keep An Active Baby Smelling Fresh All Day!

Let your toddler have fun being an active baby! Just let them enjoy themselves while keeping them smelling fresh all day with these tips!

Being in love with the sweet and giggling scent of a baby is all but a natural phenomenon to people like us, especially with the moms who hold their babies close to them at all times. But that notion changes as they grow older and become an active baby to come in closer contact with the environment.

Now that you see your toddlers running and playing around from every corner of your home or the playground or just wherever you place them because it’s in their nature to be playful at all times, you get that concern that matters to keeping them clean and smelling fresh all day. But, it is inevitable that these cuties won’t get in contact with dirt, they will perspire a lot and often develop a stinky body odour that becomes a barrier in developing their confidence in the long run.

As a parent, if you noticed your child develops an odour even with a good hygiene routine, then it could be something to be concerned about. So here are some of our carefully researched #chubibitips that could help you in keeping your active baby smelling fresh all day!

Active Baby Smelling Fresh

Chubibi Tip #1

Eliminate the underlying causes that contribute to your child's unusual body odour.

These may be one or a combination of the following;

  • Poorly washed and ventilated clothes have bacterias that when got in contact with sweat causes body odour.
  • Food intakes like garlic and onions, red meat which has amino acids called carnitine, excessive consumption of milk and dairy products that releases methyl mercaptan and hydrogen sulphide that causes foul smells, processed foods and foods that lack fibre.
  • Irregular baths and hygiene routine.
  • Underlying medical conditions like if your child is sweating profusely then they may have hyperhidrosis. It is necessary to seek medical intervention in such instances.

Chubibi Tip #2

Help your kids eliminate that body odour by these home remedy tips and add some fun in their bath time with an enjoyable bath toy.

Tomato juice in bathwater

Extract about 2 cups of tomato juice and treat your kid’s bathwater with it letting the tomato juice soak for a few minutes, then bathe your kids with this treated water.

Cleanse with apple cider vinegar

You can use an apple cider vinegar by soaking a cotton ball with it and dabbing it onto the sweaty and smelly parts of your child’s body. Do this before a bath for at least twice a day.

Lemon juice in bathwater

Lemon juice has many health benefits and is known to increase the pH levels of the body and keeps it dry thereby preventing bacterial growth and proliferation. Add a few drops to your child’s bathwater on a regular basis.

Dab a lemon-water concoction to smelly sensitive areas

Mix a spoonful of lemon juice with a cup of water then soak a cotton ball onto it and dab it on your child’s armpits. Leave it for about 10 minutes and rinse it well with water.

Organic rosemary deodorant

Boil a cup of rosemary leaves in a cup of water and add to bathwater. Soak your kid in the bathtub with this mixture for 15 minutes and pat dry. Alternatively, you could add rosemary oil to the bathwater. Rosemary contains menthol and chlorophyll, acting as natural deodorants to fight odour- causing bacteria. 

Treat water with sage

A fragrant herb called sage controls hyperactivity of sweat glands. Eliminates your kid’s body odour by boiling a cup of dried sage leaves in water and adding to bathwater. Mix sage oil, coriander oil and lavender essential oil to make deodorant and spray it every day.

Chubibi Tip #3

Prevention is always better than cure. Body odours can easily be prevented with the following daily routines.

  • Ask your child to stay hydrated and drink lots of water.
  • Try replacing cow’s milk with organic, soy or almond milk.
  • Avoid foods that can cause body odour.
  • Increase the intake of fresh, green leafy vegetables and include aromatic herbs like basil, sage and rosemary to their diet. Chlorophyll in plants is a natural body cleanser.
  • Ensure your children wear clean clothes which are washed and dried well. Advice them not to repeat using unwashed clothes, even if it's their favorite.
  • Talk to your children or teenagers about the importance of maintaining good hygiene.
  • Make sure your kid takes bath every day, twice if possible, especially before going to bed. Ask them to clean their armpits, limbs and genitals well.
  • Never let your kids wear wet or moistened socks and shoes. Make sure that kids wear shoes that are clean and dry as wet shoes could result in infections that cause foot odour.

Leave us a comment if you like this post, request a topic, or ask a question and we will gladly share what we know about our precious children.

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