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Daddy Needs More Than Just Words of Appreciation

June 15, 2021 2 min read

Daddy Needs More Than Just Words of Appreciation

Get That Sweetest Smile From Your Dad Today!

We have been in this world because of both our father and our mother who fell in love or got attracted to each other… and the story goes on… :) and then we were born.


As we grow, we get accustomed to the culture in our environment where our dads get to work for us to get by in our daily lives. Our dad’s hard work becomes a natural thing that we look into as just part of their obligations and roles as fathers, often underrated.

But Did you know that deep within our father’s hearts and mind is the longingness for appreciation as we do to our moms on mother’s day? How come most of the time, we get so concerned of our mom getting tired, and fail to see the struggles of our dad?

How come our mothers get gifts and treats so special to celebrate their motherhood and just greetings are enough for our fathers?

Yes! You can ask your dads of the times when he just preferred silence instead of voicing out his thoughts and emotions because again, they think of keeping the hurt instead of us getting hurt when we get told how insensitive we become to our dads’ efforts.

It’s no big deal for them anyway right? But honestly, big or small, we must learn to appreciate our dads as well in all their efforts for our family.

Join us in our campaign to send this specially crafted Daddy's Lucky Charm Key Chain Gift with your photos with him in it to show how we appreciate our dads from the bottom of our hearts.

Nevertheless, we salute the fathers who stand firm for their families in the midst of life’s adversities. There is no comparison to make for the head of the family, because each of us have our roles to fulfill and maintain a happy family for our kids.


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