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September 22, 2020 4 min read

Make Your Trick Or Treat Party At Home With Family Even More Fun And Exciting With Our Recommended Best Halloween Game Ideas!

A Little Trivia About Halloween

Halloween is a world tradition that originated with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain (pronounced as Sow-in) where there are wearing various spooky costumes and lighting bonfires as the people’s way to ward off ghosts. It was Pope Gregory III who designated November 1 as a time to honor all saints in the 8th century, and as time goes by, people in the world have incorporated some Samhain traditions to All Saints Day. The evening before All Saints Day was known as All Hallows Eve and later Halloween. Today, Halloween evolved into a festive gathering with a day of activities for trick-or-treating, donning costumes, carving jack-o-lanterns, and a fun day full of eating treats, which we, and our kids enjoy!

Chubibi Halloween Treats

Halloween On Pandemic

However, due to the current pandemic situation, many are wondering how Halloween Festivity will be celebrated this year. Will we still be able to greet everyone a Happy Halloween when we are not allowed to gather for a festivity party like we used to?

Well of course! We can still have a Happy Halloween Party at Home

We at Chubibi believe that we can make our Halloween tradition still fun and enjoyable even when we just stay at home with our family with these Halloween Game Ideas that we have prepared for everyone!

Our 5 Best Halloween Game Ideas for the Stay-At-Home Family Trick Or Treat Party

Mimic Me Pumpkin Game

The Mimic Me Pumpkin Game requires the use of the  Hilarious Talking Pumpkin where participants will have to act out what the pumpkin is saying and mimic its facial expressions, voice, and with a little creativity in performance. The judges will be mommy and daddy or they can video every performance and have their friends on social media decide which one of the performances they like the most. The one with more entertained and impressed reactions wins!

Now head on and get a hilarious talking pumpkin for your family and have fun with it!

The Skeleton Puzzle Game

Wooden Skeleton Puzzle Toy

One of the most iconic Halloween Decorations is the Skeleton, you see it almost everywhere when Halloween season comes. This time, instead of heaving a skeleton for decoration, we will use it to entertain our family through the Skeleton Puzzle Games.

This game requires a  Wooden Skeleton Puzzle Toy and a timer. Now get ready for your brain cells to work as you compete with time to beat and complete the skeleton puzzle game! Whoever gets to assemble the puzzle first with accuracy wins the game!

Stomp and Pop The Pumpkin Balloons Game

Let’s get more physical with some foot work to stomp on and pop that pumpkin balloon with your opponents!

The stomp on and pop that pumpkin balloon game requires you to have a timer, and an Inflatable Pumpkin Balloons. The mechanics is to have a 3 to 5 balloons attached on both of the participant's feet and they would stomp on their opponent's balloons while they try to protect theirs from being stomped on and popped until the game ends. Whoever has the most number of balloons un-popped wins the game!

Inflatable Pumpkin Balloons

Here’s the trick! Place a powder or cream inside the balloon when you inflate so when it is popped, there goes the powder or cream effect that makes the game even more fun!

Imaginative Family Story Telling Games

If you are into an educational fun game for the whole family to enjoy, then you definitely want these Imaginative Story Family Party Game Cards around for a spooky moment of horror stories and imaginations. This game is played following the board game rules included in the manual where your kid's imagination is enhanced and you'll be amazed how imaginative they can be with each piece of cards they hold on too.

Using a deck of cards illustrated with dreamlike images, players select cards that match a title suggested by the ''storyteller​​​​'', and attempt to guess which player selected which card.

This game can be made more fun with prizes for winners and consequences for the defeated player. A trick or treat specials for the whole family awaits!

Witch Hat Toss-A-Ring Game With A Twist

Toss-A-Ring Game is one of the most common games for every party which at times becomes boring already, but this time, we will be having this game with a twist!

Witch Hat Toss A ring

Now, before the game starts, you will need to inflate theTossing Witch Hat and insert a prize in it, it can just be a paper bill or a piece of paper where the trick or treat is written. Then you will be the only one who knows where the HALLOWEEN TREAT is placed. The participants will then toss a ring to the various witch hats from a distance. Whichever witch hat they had their rings on, will either experience the trick or enjoy the treat that comes along with it.

So here goes our 5 Best Halloween Game Ideas that we recommend for you to try and enjoy Halloween with family! Let us know your thoughts on the comment section and we look forward for you to share the experience using the hashtag #chubibihalloween soon!

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