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Chubibi’s Top 10 Best Christmas Gift Ideas For Our Kids

November 10, 2022 4 min read

Chubibi’s Top 10 Best Christmas Gift Ideas For Our Kids

Get to know our best pick for this 2020 Christmas gift ideas for our kids!

Christmas 2020 is just a few weeks ahead, and we at Chubibi can already feel what most parents would feel whenever the holiday season comes! And yes! Here we are searching for the best Christmas gift ideas for our kids!

But before that, let us know the psychology behind the gifts we give to our children.


As part of our traditional family practice, gift-giving has been widely observed on special occasions and especially during the holiday season where our children witness our gift-giving decisions as well as how people show their gratitude for the gifts they received. And these will shape their life-long values about giving.

Looking beyond the external act of gift-giving, many research in child development show results that prove the importance of giving gifts in how children process in their internal worlds, the values learned when they give to others. This activity helps shape their identities.

So have you asked yourself? What are the things that you do to help your children find meaning through their gift-giving experiences? How do these gift-giving activities help shape your family values?


Why is Gift-Giving Important?

The first step to mindful giving is understanding the concept and importance of giving gifts. As children, they associate themselves as the “receivers” of gifts during their birthdays, but according to studies in human development, what reaps the biggest psychological rewards is the act of giving gifts. Why?

  1. Gift-giving develops and builds the foundation of empathy. This is when your child learns to put themselves in other’s shoes and imagine what it is that gives meaning to the gift for someone who receives it?
  2. Gift-giving shows others that you care for them. Building positive relationships through simple gestures of sending an electronic e-mail or cards is viewed as gifts for others. This is where the old saying “It’s the thought that counts” concept is popularized.
  3. Gift-giving increases well-being. The most important predictors of satisfaction and well-being as psychological studies suggest is the act of devoting personal resources on behalf of others.
  4. Gift giving is an act of kindness. Being kind to others improves a family’s and a community’s quality of life.

Isn’t that sweet? Now you know the importance of gift-giving to your kids, not only by what they will receive but we must incorporate the true value and meaning of why we give gifts. So here are the best Christmas gift ideas we prepared for you to help you in planning what to give for your children this holiday season!


Family Christmas Outfits

There is the word modeling in parenting, which greatly impacts the values of obedience by the child to their parents as they are being molded to becoming the best version of themselves. Wearing a family outfit on this special occasion not only provides great captured images to cherish but more so of making a lifetime memory of how you modeled the love and care you give for your children. This gesture of showing you enjoy having a matching outfit with your kids at home gives them a sense of close connection with you, and that you can be their best buddy to whom they confide their inner thoughts.

Family Christmas Pajamas SetFamily Santa Pajama Set

Comfy Christmas Shoes is one of the cutest gifts a child would appreciate. Not only does this give your child the warmth and comfort they need this cold season, but they will also enjoy roaming around with the bright and cute designs which they will surely adore!

Santa Claus First WalkersAdorable Christmas Stuffed Toys

Let us accept the fact that not at all times we are around to comfort our kids. So an adorable Christmas Stuffed Toys is something your child can hug to feel comforted every time you are not there to do the comforting for them.

Standing Christmas Dolls

Glowing Teddy Bear Pillow

Mommy & Me Christmas Fashion Dress

Popularized by celebrity fashion icons, “twinning” or wearing a matchy dress with your kids is a fashion expression for both of you to look absolutely amazing. Having a mini you will always give joy and satisfaction being a parent working really hard with a passion for your kid’s best.

Casual Matching Long Dress

Reindeer Matching Nightwear


Cognitive Developmental Toys

The best kind of toy ever is the ones that give opportunities for children to learn and develop life-long skills that will surely be the greatest tool they can use towards achieving success in their time. So spoil your kids with the right gifts that give them a lasting impact.

Reusable Magic Doodle Painting Mat

Wooden Assembly Toolbox


Kids Warmers & Jackets

Your love and care will surely be felt as these kid’s warmers and jackets simply make them feel comfy on rainy and cold weathers.

Knitted Winter Cardigan

Winter Reversible Down Jacket

Christmas Dress

We always want to make our kids look best on all the special occasions we celebrate with them, and by doing so, we are teaching our child how to practice self-care and build their self-confidence.

Christmas Princess Dress Set


Christmas Rompers

It’s no excuse not to buy your little ones a cute Christmas romper that will surely make them look awesome and cool while maintaining that comfy feel for them to truly enjoy your Christmas season.

 Plush Snowman Jumpsuit

Reindeer Knitted Romper


Personalized Gifts

A personalized gift is always something considered to be well thought of and is made truly special for someone. These personalized gifts in our collection are something that will last that your child can cherish as they grow to an adult, granting they don’t lose it somewhere.

 Personalised Heart Shape Bangles

Personalized Birthstone Necklace


Baby Sleep Comfort

Both young and adults feel the importance of sleep in their well-being. A very well-thought gift is a concern for someone’s health. And when it comes to babies, these baby sleep comfort products are the best they could ever have! And the bonus is parents get a worthy sleep as well.

Portable Baby Folding Bed

 Portable Baby Cradle Nest Bed

Leave us a comment if you like this post, request a topic, or ask a question and we will gladly share what we know about our precious children.

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