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10 No-Nonsense Hacks for New Moms to Handle Life with a Newborn Like a Pro

November 25, 2022 7 min read

Top 10 Newborn Hacks Every Mom Should Know

Feeling overwhelmed and exhausted caring for your newborn? This is something you don’t have to feel guilty about. You're not alone. Newborns are a lot of work, and it takes time to adjust to the new routine. But don't worry because there are some things you can do to make life easier with a newborn. We've compiled 10 no-nonsense hacks that will help you take care of your newborn like a pro!

As a new parent, there are two important things you need to make this #parentlife journey better and less bumpy; A good parent friends and all the newborn help you can get!

You can join our parent community here at Mommy Nation.

Without further ado, here’s the top 10 Newborn Hacks every mom should know from experienced moms.

Hacks for Newborn Feeding Techniques

Tip #1: Skin to Skin Cuddle Feeding Time

Whether you plan to breastfeed or not, skin-to-skin time with your baby is important.

As the baby's skin is in contact with yours, they are receiving a sense of security and comfort. This high-quality bonding time can help to reduce the baby's stress response and sets a relaxed vibe for your baby to be fed well.

For this newborn baby tip, lay baby on your bare chest with just a diaper on then get snuggling.

The benefits of skin-to-skin contact with your newborn baby go beyond just making them feel safe and secure. Studies have shown that babies who are held skin-to-skin develop better breathing patterns and their heart rates stabilize faster.

Lots of doctors and midwives will suggest skin-to-skin contact right after birth, and you should do it as often as possible.

Its cool to have your baby close to you. They start feeling a bond between you and them that is thanks to Oxytocin (the love hormone). This practice is also proven to stimulate and increase breast milk production so baby can stay well fed.

Korean Fashion Side Pocket Design Nursing Maternity Dress Chubibi Blogs

Tip #2: Invest in Nursing Mommy Fashion Wear

Newborns need to be fed every few hours and you can't help but provide an easy access for your baby to get fed, even when you're in public. Of course, you don't want your breasts exposed, but you also don't want your baby to get hungry when you are outside your home.

It is important to remember, when you are nursing at home, that the clothes can start as something new that causes a reaction of resistance. At first it's normal for newborns to scratch and fuss as they get used to being covered up. Soon though they will get used to this and think it feels more secure.

But to make life easier for you, as a nursing mom doesn't mean you can't be fashionable when going out, so here are some nursing clothes that moms in our community often buy.

Tip #3: It’s a Must To Have a Marker

No matter how vivid you think your memory is, all moms would bet that night feeding newborns can be tiring and you can’t help but forget which side you last nursed on.

The most commonly used marker is a safety pin, however, instances are, that these saftey pins may get loose and prick your skin or your baby’s while you are both sleeping, and that is why we advice using a not so tight ponytail or any other elastic placed on your wrist instead.

Practice yourself to get used with a routine to place the marker after every breast feed because there’s nothing worse than skipping a side and getting over-full! Remember that your breastmilk needs time to refill and also needs time to release.

Tip #4: Introduce a Feeding Bottle at Earlier Stage

Yes! You should! Doing this 2-4 weeks after you have estabished your milk production prepares your newborn in adjusting to another source of food, which leads to helping you get more sleep as someone can easily take turns with you in nursing your baby.

As much as we think of developing deeper bond to your child with a pure breastfed, you must as well think of your overall health because your baby can sense your emotions too, so don’t be too consumed with the motherhood thing sacrificing your own welfare for the sake of your child, your health is imprtant too.

Babies are fed multiple times in a day. Skipping 2-3 breastfeeding alternating it with a bottle for each day will make life easier later on for everyone.

Hacks for Newborn Sleeping Techniques

Baby Bathtub Seat Chubibi Blog

Tip #5: Getting The Most Out of Baby’s Bath Time

Most moms had that “first-time fear” of bathing their newborn, whilst baby bath aide tools are common in the market, but this Baby Bathtub Seat we have in-store is ergonomically designed to give you the best value of your money, while you can be sure that your newborn won’t slip in the thub while bathing.

But how often do we need to bath our newborns? At the first months, it is adviced that you limit bathing your baby for 2 to 3 times per week to avoid baby’s skin getting dry. And gradually increase bathing time as your baby ages by months and starts to become more sweaty and active.

Please remember to bath your baby starting from toes up to the knees, shoulder and lastly the head. In short, that’s where you apply the song “My toes, my knees, my shoulder, head”, as this helps in the proper circulation of blood in the body. This techniques also applies to adults to prevent heart problems as they age.

Don’t forget to check the water’s temperature before putting your baby in the tub. It is very important too that you have your own set of organizer bag for baby’s bath time needs, which may include towel, baby soap, sponge, baby oil, hair brush, water heat thermometer, etc. Make sure you have everything you need by your side before bathing your newborn.

It is also important that you start a bedtime wash routine with your newborn early on. You can make use of lavender infused baby oils or lotions that is calming and soothing for babies. Overtime, your baby will know that it’s time for bed whenever you wash them with this scent. You don’t necessarily need to give them a bath. Wiping your baby with a soft and clean warm cloth before bed time will be just fine.

Tip #6: White noise is the key ingredient to Make Baby Fall Asleep Fast

Since the invention of white noise, it has been a staple in many homes. It has been used to help babies fall asleep, adults sleep better, and even reduce tinnitus symptoms.

White noise is a random sound that covers all frequencies and is often used to mask other noises that might keep someone awake or cause them stress.

Here are some examples of white noises babies love to hear at bedtime.

  • the sound of a running vacuum cleaner,
  • the sound of a fan, and
  • the sound of ocean waves.

Babies enjoy hearing these sounds because they help them sleep better and stay calm. They can also be used to soothe babies who wake up in the middle of the night.

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Tip #7: Swaddling for baby sleep comfort

Newborns experience the best sleep ever with a comfortable swaddle. Light, tight swaddles make baby feel really comfortable. Ones that keep the arms close to the body can help prevent babies from waking up when they lay on their back, which is what they like best. Holding the baby like this is reminiscent of the womb and may make them feel calm.

Here are some of our best selling swaddles we can recommend.

Tip #8: Regulating baby room light and sleep environment

It's really important to regulate light and dark room for your little one.

A child's exposure to light and dark room is critical to their wellbeing. This exposure can affect the production of melatonin, which is a hormone that regulates our sleep cycle. Too much exposure to light at night can cause insomnia as well as excessive daytime sleepiness.

A lot of babies reverse the days and nights in their sleep, so keeping it really dark at night and bright during the day can help them regulate their sleep pattern.

Once they have figured out nap time and nighttime routine, a dark, cool room will help your baby sleep better. They should feel relaxed and more rested because of it.

Pro Tip: Make the room smell like mom. Newborns are accustomed to the scent of the mother nursing them to sleep. To ensure your baby won’t easily wake up when you try to sneak out, place your recently worn clothes near them so they can still smell you.

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Hacks for Newborn Diaper Changing

Tip #9: Oops, my baby poops!

The most unforgettable memory you would ever have in newborn care is your first time to change your baby’s diaper due to a diaper blowouts!

You just cant help but to think how could a tiny being release such a huge mess!

The most common thing that could happen is that fist time mom and dad in-charge of changing diapers creates a bigger mess for scattering baby’s poop on the floor, your bed, the changing pad, etc. and using too much baby wipes supply.

So keep in mind this tip to avoid the hassle;

  • To avoid excessive use of baby wipes, you can try wiping the front end of the diaper first and roll down as much poop you can get.
  • To avoid messing up more stuffs, place an easy to clean diaper changing pad first before laying down your little one. Also take note to practice holding your baby's feet in one hand, while the other hand does everything. Don't lose grip of your baby's feet while changing diapers, as they can be like ninjas and may kick their own poop.
  • And last but not least, don't be in a hurry to change diapers. Wait until the last drop of poop goes out. Babies always have the last blow just when you place the new diaper under their bum. It happens!

Hacks for Newborn Onesies

Tip #10: You thought it’s easy, but it’s not!

Yes, you have to master your baby's onesies for a quicker change as newborns can feel cold quite easily. Many first-time parents, especially first-time dads, are a bit comical when it comes to putting on and removing the onesies without irritating the baby. At most, they only figure out the purpose of why onesies are designed the way they are and not to be worn on babies like when wearing t-shirts.

Here are our most comfortable and fashionable onesies for babies proven by mommies!

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Whatever it takes, don't lose your patience. Always take time to relax, and sleep when the baby sleeps. Accept help from others, and don't mind the pile of laundry or the messy house. Always prioritize your baby and your time for rest, and regain back your full strength.

This is an open form post, so please feel free to leave your thoughts below. We would love to hear any feedback or experience you have had with newborn care. This guide should help you get started on that journey!

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